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Get free Naloxone, anywhere in Florida. No questions. Free by mail, or in-person. Saving Stevie is a opioid overdose prevention and awareness campaign by Largest Heart, a 5013c social good nonprofit.

Free Naloxone overdose prevention & awareness

Saving Stevie is named after Stevie Rummler Steve Rummler who tragically lost his life. His story is a stark reminder of the devastating impact of opioid epedemic, which often begins innocently with legally prescribed painkillers. Saving Stevie is an awareness/prevention and harm reduction program. We provide free Naloxone overdose treatment medication (*Anywhere in Florida) and Naloxone Training.  Our mission is to save lives and educate the community about opioid overdose prevention. 

Drug use leading to quick death. People dies from AIDS. Drugs concept. Many drug addict people are represented.

Supporting the Community Through Service

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Community Outreach Programs

Providing essential support to local residents through various outreach initiatives and programs.
Young schoolgirl overdosed on pills, weed and is feeling broken on the stairs.

Volunteer Training and Support

Offering comprehensive training and ongoing support to volunteers dedicated to making a difference in the community.
Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Empowering the next generation through educational and leadership programs designed to support personal growth and development.

About us

Saving Stevie is an awareness/prevention and harm reduction capaign by Largest Heart, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Orange County, FL. 

Saving Stevie is an educational, awareness, and abstiense promoting program.   The program empowers individuals to take life-saving actions, curbing consumption, addiction, and needless loss of life.

In Orange County alone,we lose 2 lives every day to overdose. Our three-pronged approach leverages high-touch community events, strategic partnerships, and convenient mail distribution to maximize reach and impact.

With an average of 300 lives lost daily, time is of the essence to propagate this life-saving innovation across Florida. Together, let's turn the tide against the fentanyl epidemic and pave the way for a brighter, safer future.

Our mission is to save lives by educating the community about opioid overdose prevention and providing access to life-saving Naloxone kits at no cost.

Naloxone Training

Be a hero in and learn about administering Naloxone in an overdose. Join the fight against fentanyl and learn the live saving techniques.

Join the Fight

Support Saving Stevie in their mission to prevent overdoses and raise awareness.